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Feedbear – Feedback Tool – Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Hey Guys, Today i am going to post about “Feedbear – Feedback Tool – Appsumo Lifetime Deal”

Feedbear lets you know, what your customer exactly wants. No business can look for that without using such a great tool. It makes it so easy to know more about your customers.

Feedbear is a complete solution for customer feedback. You can let them know the progress of there feedback with the complete roadmap. When there requests is completed. You can make an announcement for the same in announcement section.

How FeedBear Works ?

1. The process starts from collecting the users feedback. You can allow users to add feedback from multiple places & organise them in one single place.

Feedbear Automatically avoid any duplicate entry. Give other users power to vote the previous requests.

2. Second steps comes with showing your progress. You can show your progress with a public roadmap. Which let user see through the movement of there requests.

Feedbear also send emails on any update you made. So that the user always get connected with you.

3. Announcing the Updates. Feedbear understand our needs & never let your products launches & updates unnoticed. You can announce any major change or product update on announcement section.

Users can see it through the mail or the catchy announcement section easily.

Let’s Move to Main Point!

Here at SitePape, we list & showcase the products we use or we personally love. It’s always connected with the productivity of your business or over all customer satisfaction.

We never want you to invest in the product that comes useless in the end.

So, How Feedbear help you Grow your Business ?

FeedBear is completely based on customer satisfaction & needs. We can never grow our business without knowing what our users exactly wants.

For Example : We have listed so many products & continue to going on like that. Having regular sales & living with just small business.

One day suddenly i use FeedBear & get a user request for OffShore Web Hosting. I also look into it & keep it updated on roadmap. When i find the possibility of launching it. I start working it on priority.

Once it is launched within few days i found that i am getting almost 10 times the previous sale. So, why shouldn’t i use such a tool that let me get ideas from my customers without wasting any money on trying different things.

There’s a saying “Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company”

Tony Hsieh

Why Choose FeedBear over Others ?

In simple words I would say is Lifetime Deal. I personally tried many other feedback platform. All other feedback tools have almost the same capability but costs very high.

Don’t waste time searching for alternatives, i have personally did for that you & they gonna charge you a whole lot amount. As there is Lifetime Deal is Live on FeedBear

Feedbear Lifetime Deal Price

FeedBear usually charges : 29$ per month, but as an special discount for AppSumo users. They are offering lifetime deal at just 49$.

How to Get Feedbear – Feedback Tool – Appsumo Lifetime Deal :

  • Go to AppSumo Deal Page
  • Click on Buy Now
  • Login or Register to your account
  • Proceed with payment
  • Go to product redeem
  • Register on FeedBear
  • Claim your lifetime deal

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